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Our Services

With our broad experience within the Irish construction industry, there are a number of chimney related services that we are now in a position to offer both our private residential and corporate clients.

With a great deal of planning and preparation, we are now bringing the following list of services to market in the Dublin area with our usual committment to first rate customer care and highly professional workmanship:

Chimney repairs

Maintenance of your property is something that you need to consider on an ongoing basis. Maybe you have recently noticed that your chimney is in need of repair? Perhaps you have the common problem of cracked pots? No problem. Cracks in the chimney itself? We've got it covered.

Whatever the nature of your problem is, do not wait - get in touch with our experts today for a free, no obligation inspection and quotation.

Chimney re-lining

Over time, chimney fires can crack your chimney liner, resulting in an inefficient heating system. If this is the case with your chimney, then you need to get it re-lined immediately. We are specialists in both single and double lining,

Domestic chimneys - repair and construction

Get the chimney that fits the look of your property perfectly, whether it is for a new build or an existing structure. We can produce the exact chimney that you are looking for.

Industrial and commercial chimneys

Our team are just as comfortable ( and experienced ) with industrial work as with domestic projects. We have years of experience with sub-contracting, and can handle all industrial chimney repair, maintenance and construction work, with no limits regarding the scope or timeframe of the project. We have a long track record of delivering, within schedule and on budget, every time.

Stove installation and fireplaces

Your stove must be installed correctly if you are to get the maximum value for your money. Contrary to popular opinion, stove installation is not a suitable DIY activity - it must be done be a skilled tradesperson. Get the job done right first time with the Dublin chimney repairs team.

As well as having your stove installed correctly, an added advantage of professional stove installation is that your chimney will require less maintenance work, saving you money in the long run.

Chimney cleaning and maintenance

Some maintenance is essential to keep your chimney and stove in good working order. The build up of soot can cause serious problems and must be kept in check with regular professional cleaning. Our chimney cleaning service is:



Cost effective

Call now to book a chimney sweeping appointment...

One final word from the management team

Each job is completed to superior standards and we have the highest grade building materials available. Our safety procedures are rigorous, with a full risk assessment carried out prior to each project, and each stage of the work process supervised by our trained and qualified managers. Our indemnity cover extends to €13.6 million, so you know that you are dealing with professionals.

Our knowledge and experience with chimney work, and construction work in general, is immense, and we are determined to offer a premium quality service to all of our clients, on every project.